Fat Daddio, Heavy Duty Cookie Sheet, 14 in x 17 in (#CSHD-1417)

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Baking cookies and other confectionery delights to perfection is easy with the help of this Fat Daddio's CSHD-1417 ProSeries 12-gauge anodized aluminum cookie sheet. Made of sturdy 12-gauge anodized aluminum, this sheet pan is built bakery tough to endure the demands of continuous heavy-duty use in your establishment. By reflecting heat rather than absorbing it, this ProSeries cookie sheet reaches baking temperatures quickly. Even heating allows for the best possible rise and once out of the oven, the pan cools quickly and prevents cookies from overbaking and becoming too dry.

Anodized aluminum delivers exceptional performance and consistent results so you can bake with confidence. Anodizing is not a chemical coating, but a process that provides a more durable and versatile baking surface that resists abrasion and will not rust, peel, or flake and contaminate your food. The anodizing process seals the natural pores of aluminum, creating a safer baking surface that doesn't rely on chemical coatings or contain extra metals.

With a slim design and all of the advantages of its material, this pan is excellent for baking cookies in addition to an endless variety of baked wonders! Plus, a 1 1/2" lip on one edge of the pan makes handling the pan a breeze. Choose this Fat Daddio's cookie sheet to breathe new life into your creations.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 17"
Width: 14"

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