Frozen Purees

Without colouring nor food preservative, SICOLY® frozen fruit purée own their savou\r and colour from a rigourous selection, strating from raw materials, know-how and performing transformation technologies. Come and discover the complete range of purées and juices, composed of more than 80 references. 

Premium frozen purées are the combination of high-quality fruits and controlled processed to preserve the original tastes and qualities from the fresh fruits.
SICOLY® frozen fruit purées and juices are made from rigorously selected fruits, picked at optimum ripeness for maximum taste, from our own orchards or from long-term trusted partners.
Fruits are then processed in our own facilities in the region of Lyon (France) following an innovative process that allows us to preserve all the organoleptic qualities of the fruits (colour, texture, aromas).
SICOLY® frozen fruit purées and juices are de-aerated, to avoid the risk of micro-oxidation and keep the vibrant colours of the fresh fruit, and then heat-treated with a high-speed process that preserves the natural taste of fresh fruits.

With a complete control over fruit selection and process, SICOLY® guarantees the quality and consistency of its products. That is why SICOLY® has been recognized as a premium frozen fruit purée supplier worldwide.