Callebaut Milk Ice Chocolate Min. 40.7% Cocoa Butter 2.5 kg

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A unique recipe rich in cocoa butter.
Dipping your ice cream scoops, ice cream sticks and ice cream pralines in Callebaut's Ice Chocolate – Milk creates a tasty and dense chocolate layer with an irresistible hard crack. It is rich in cocoa butter and will melt immediately in the mouth, unleashing its lovely creamy and caramelly taste.
What's great is that you don't have to temper Ice Chocolate: simple melting is enough before dipping or enrobing. Thanks to the extra cocoa butter, it will create a hard and satin-like shiny chocolate layer in seconds because of the temperature shock.
Keeping the melted Ice Chocolate at a constant temperature will enable you to keep working with it all day long without thickening or over crystallizing.
Ice Chocolate can also be mixed into the ice cream after churning to create stracciatella with lovely crunchy bits of chocolate.Pack size 2.5 Kg.