White Shaving 2.5 kg

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Shavings are one of our most classic decorations. Using one as a simple touch or many to add texture allow you to give your creations a variety of personality. Our favorite creations to top with shavings are cupcakes and donuts!

Finely shaved chocolate in irregular snappy, rugged pieces - immediately melts in the mouth and releases lots of creaminess and caramelly notes.

Give a twist of abundance to your desserts.
Chocolate Shaving White are crafted from solid blocks of Callebaut®'s Finest Belgian White Chocolate into artisan, brittle curls.
 Sprinkle them on top of desserts, ice creams and pastries, and you'll create a decadently rugged look with a fresh and creamy white chocolate taste. 

Brand: Barry Callebaut
Kosher: No
Package Size: 2.5 kg 

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