Gerkens Cocoa Powder 22 / 24 100% Cocoa - 50 lb ( Pickup Only)

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Gerkens Cocoa Powder

Gerkens¬ģ¬†Goodness Guaranteed

Gerkens¬ģ¬†cocoa powders: Goodness guaranteed all the way

Gerkens logoGerkens¬ģ¬†has been part of Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate since 1986 and is the world‚Äôs leading cocoa brand. We produce innovative cocoa powders guaranteed to deliver high-quality, consistent vivid color and delicious taste anytime, anywhere. We have always believed in blending endless opportunities with consistent performance for all-round goodness. For us, goodness goes way beyond just quality, taste, and color. It‚Äôs also a measure of commitment, to people and the planet.

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