Callebaut NXT Dairy-Free Milk Taste Chocolate

Size: repack 500 grams
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The tastiest & creamiest alternative to milk chocolate on the planet

NXT Dairy-Free M_lk is as creamy, delicious and rich in cocoa as traditional milk chocolate, yet it contains no detectable traces of milk.

For NXT dairy-free M_lk, we replaced milk with a 100% plant-based alternative: chufa. Chufa is the tuber from the plant Cyperus esculentus which grows in the Mediterranean region and Africa. After the harvest, the tubers are dried and ground and used as milk tasty and creamy milk replacer. Chufa is also used to create the delicious and nutritious horchata de chufa: a milk-like drink loved in Spain.

It's your go-to M_lk product for all your vegan, plant-based and dairy-free recipes ‚Äď even suited for lactose intolerance and milk allergies.



  • 42.3% Cacao Percentage
    42.3% Cocoa butter
    0% Fat free cocoa
  • 37% Fat content
    0% Cocoa butter
    0% Milk fat

    Rich cocoa - Balanced - Creamy - Caramel hints

    • Medium fluidity3
    • 42.3% Cacao Percentage
    • 37% Fat content¬†
      Suitable for:
      • Halal
      • KP-
      • Cocoa Horizons Program

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