Boyajian Flavour - Natural Almond Extract 12.7 oz

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Product is 12.7 oz

This natural flavouring is an essential ingredient for both the professional and home chef. Great for baking and pastry or whenever a recipe calls for natural flavour. Delicious when added to macaroons, biscotti, or any creative baking.

Refrigerate after opening; indefinite shelf life when refrigerated



Country of Origin: United States

Ingredients & Allergens

Allergens: Packaged on equipment that also packages nut-based products


In any recipe, use ¼ - ½ teaspoon per cup of dry ingredients, depending on desired strength

Shelf Life
The shelf life is 2 years from production date. However, the producer advises that if the oil is kept refrigerated it will have an infinite shelf life. After opening it does require refrigeration.

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