Valrhona Manjari 3 kg

Valrhona "Manjari" 64%, pure Madagascar Dark Chocolate !
"Manjari" is a composition of rare Criollo and Trinitario beans from Madagascar – fresh, acidic, sharp bouquet with red fruit notes.

64.5%  Cocoa
35%  Sugar
39.4%  Fat content

Brand name:  Manjari
Net weight:  6 pounds 9 ounces / 3kg

Chocolate is formed into small oval wafers known as feves, for easy accurate measuring and quick melting.
Packaging with tempering instructions:  Melt: 131/136F, Crystallization 82/84F, Working 88/90F degrees.
Kosher D

Valrhona is the brand of choice for the world's most demanding pastry professionals and chocolatiers, Valrhona is committed to the creation of unique artisan quality chocolates with complex and balanced flavors.  Its tradition of creativity, expertise in taste, and a strict adherence to traditional chocolate-making methods make it the standard bearer in the industry.

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