Dark Compound Snaps / Wafers 30 lb

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Dark Compound Snaps 30 lb

Dark Compound Snaps / Coating / Fountain / Fondue Chocolate 

Its easy to melt (no tempering required)

Fast setting and has a great chocolate taste.

Brand: Van Leer

Format: EZ Melt Waffers
Kosher: Dairy


  • Even though Shine does not require tempering, it is recommended to monitor the temperature to avoid the potential for any blooming or scorching.
  • Simply melt the compound in short intervals, stopping and stirring in between, until the recommended temperatures are met and the product is smooth and melted.
  • Optional: For the shiniest finished product, place your product in the refrigerator for 2-5 minutes to cool. Remove promptly after 5 minutes to prevent sweating.
  • Store the product in a clean, dry (avoid humidity and water) and odorless environment.

PLEASE NOTE:¬†Shine produces great results in a range of temperatures. 36¬įC is the optimal working temperature. To increase/decrease the total pickup, adjust your working temperature.

Shipping items with chocolate:
Papagino Foods does ship chocolate items all year round. However, we do not recommend shipping chocolates during the summer months (June, July, August, September). We cannot guarantee chocolate products will not melt during delivery. We also recommend choosing the fastest shipping option, to ensure chocolates arrive intact, but again, we cannot guarantee.

It is up to the customer to purchase chocolate products at their own discretion.

In the event that your chocolate items arrive melted, in many cases they can still be used.

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