Dark Compound Snaps / Wafers 5 lb - Pickup Only OR Shipping At Your Own Risk.

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Dark Compound Snaps 5 lb

Dark Compound Snaps / Coating / Fountain / Fondue Chocolate 

Its easy to melt (no tempering required)

Fast setting and has a great chocolate taste.

Brand: Van Leer

Format: EZ Melt Waffers


  • Even though Shine does not require tempering, it is recommended to monitor the temperature to avoid the potential for any blooming or scorching.
  • Simply melt the compound in short intervals, stopping and stirring in between, until the recommended temperatures are met and the product is smooth and melted.
  • Optional: For the shiniest finished product, place your product in the refrigerator for 2-5 minutes to cool. Remove promptly after 5 minutes to prevent sweating.
  • Store the product in a clean, dry (avoid humidity and water) and odorless environment.

PLEASE NOTE:¬†Shine produces great results in a range of temperatures. 36¬įC is the optimal working temperature. To increase/decrease the total pickup, adjust your working temperature.

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