All Purpose Shortening NH 46 20 kg (Pickup Only)

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 Bake batches of sweet treats to perfection without the trans fatty acids with this versatile zero trans fat all-purpose shortening cube! Designed to handle the most demanding frying situations, this solid frying shortening is used in numerous general baking applications. Use it to make pound cakes, pie dough, cookies, donuts, breads, icings, and more! It offers a long fry life, less absorption, and maximum performance in every batch. A solid, smooth white shortening is virtually flavorless and odorless. It features a high smoke point for a more pleasant, less-oily tasting surface than food fried in unsaturated fat.

This shortening cube is solid at room temperature and increases the workability of dough. To use, simply add this shortening to your fryer, heat to the desired temperature, and add your raw foods to the hot oil. Your finished product will be lighter, better-looking and better-tasting! It adds brilliantly white color to icings, adds rise to cakes, produces the perfect crisp and crumbly texture for baked goods, and helps form high quality pie crust. Versatile and convenient, this all-purpose shortening cube makes a great addition to your bakery or concession stand, and has the added benefit of being trans fat free!

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