Callebaut White Crispearls 800 g

Tiny, shiny pearls in white chocolate with a crunchy, toasted biscuit inside.

 Creamy, caramelly and lovely crisp in 1 tiny pearl.

White chocolate Crispearls™ combine Callebaut®'s W2 chocolate with a crispy heart of toasted biscuit. They're great for grazing or as a mini-snack with coffee or tea. White chocolate Crispearls™ are also perfect for adding an exciting finishing touch to your desserts or pastries.
Just sprinkle on top of glazed cakes, entremets or desserts to add your elegant touch of pure indulgence. Mixed into chocolate mousse, ice cream or bavarois, they add a crispy chocolate texture to your desserts and remain crunchy.

Brand: Barry Callebaut
Package Size: 800 g

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