Celebakes Toffee Candy Crunch, 16 oz.

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Product #7500-751001

Celebakes® Candy Crunch TOFFEE  adds a tofee flavor to your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream and more! Simple sprinkle atop your treat to give it a delicious Toffee crunch. Great for bark and candy making.

  • 16 oz.

Crunch makes a really easy candy bark. Melt 2 pound of candy coating and stir in 1 pound of candy crunch. Spread out onto waxed paper. Chill until dry. Break into pieces and it is ready to eat.

NET WT 16 oz (453.6g)

INGREDIENTS: Sugar; Palm Oil; Dairy Butter (Milk); Almonds, Salt, Artificial Flavor; and Soy Lecithin.

ALLERGENS: CONTAINS: Milk, Almonds, Soy.
(This list is not intended to address all substances that may represent an allergen risk to certain individuals.)
Because unintentional cross contamination can always be a possibility, however remote, the following statement is printed on the packaging of most products manufactured or repackaged at our site: “This product is prepared and packaged using machines that may come into contact with Wheat/Gluten, Eggs, Dairy or Dairy Products, Soy, and/or Tree Nuts.”

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