Nielson Massey Bourbon Vanilla Extract 32 fluid oz

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"Plain vanilla" is anything but plain: invite your customers reimagine the potential of this popular flavor with Nielsen-Massey's Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract! On the islands of Madagascar and Reunion (formerly known as Bourbon) off the east coast of southern Africa, expert farmers carefully hand-pollinate delicate white and yellow vanilla orchid flowers to produce long seed pods that resemble green beans. These pods ripen on the vine under the tropical sun for around 9 months before being hand-harvested and cured. The pods are first blanched in hot water, then placed in the sun each day to absorb heat and moved to large wooden boxes each night to sweat. From pollinating to harvesting to curing, it takes well over a year to transform the fragrant flowers of vanilla orchids into distinctive, long, dark brown vanilla beans. This time- and skill-intensive process - in addition to Nielsen-Massey's proprietary cold-extraction process - results in vanilla with an unparalleled flavor that cannot be matched by synthetic alternatives. This Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract has more than 250 flavor compounds that create a taste that's truly exceptional! Its full-bodied, sweet, creamy flavor finishes with mellow, velvety after-tones, making it the gold-standard of all-purpose vanilla extract.

It's no wonder why Madagascar Bourbon vanilla is the most popular and highly prized vanilla in the world: the sweet, sultry, exotic character of this vanilla extract makes it a truly versatile ingredient in your gourmet kitchen! It's perfect for flavoring baked goods of all varieties, including cakes, cookies, pastries, and scones. While its mellow flavor works well on its own, it also pairs perfectly with a myriad of other flavors and ingredients, enhancing their taste without being overpowering. This handy vanilla works equally well in both hot and cold applications, so try using it to flavor puddings or homemade ice cream! You can even add a few dashes to favorite beverages like hot chocolate, chai lattes, iced tea, and cocktails to add irresistible flavor and fragrance to your signature drinks.

Though vanilla is traditionally thought of as a flavoring for baked goods and sweet treats, the unique qualities of this Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract make it a delicious addition to savory recipes as well! When added to marinades and sauces for seafood or pork recipes, this vanilla accentuates the qualities of your other ingredients while adding a luxuriant depth of flavor. Try drizzling a touch of vanilla into your signature soups and sauces for an unforgettable taste; it works particularly well in tomato-based sauces, where its mellow character tempers the acidity of the tomatoes.

Passion, patience, and more than a century of experience combine to make Nielsen-Massey the world's most trusted purveyor of pure vanillas and fine flavorings. Since 1907, Nielsen-Massey has sourced the world's highest quality vanilla beans to make their pastes, powders, and pure extracts, offering its customers a taste of unadulterated vanilla flavor - the way nature intended. Their line of flavorings and extracts is made with pure, natural ingredients to deliver unmatched flavor in your baked goods, beverages, and signature recipes. As part of their commitment to high-quality products, Nielsen-Massey is dedicated to supporting and sustaining the plants, people, and communities that provide their ingredients. You dedicate your time to creating the most delicious dishes for your customers to enjoy; why settle for ingredients that are anything less than the best? Nielsen-Massey's line of gourmet, all-natural products will make your culinary creations stand out from the competition!

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