Fat Daddio, Silicone Baking Mold, Rose, 3.89 oz, 2.99 in x 1.57 in High, 6 Cavities (SMF077)

Sale price$13.50 CAD
Ideal for baking or molding. used only FDA-approved silicone materials and sealed bakeware with a high temperature process. This technology creates a surface that is naturally non-stick. In fact,we recommend that you never use any grease or release coating as this will degrade the natural surface of the silicone. Affordable, yet highly effective, this silicone bakeware has a temperature range from -40 degrees F to 550 degress F. Used by commercial bakers worldwide.
- FDA approved food grade silicone
- Each tray measures 30.5 cm x 17.8 cm (12" x 7")
- Each piece: 2.99" x 1.57" high
- Dishwasher safe
- Temperature range from -40 degrees F to 550 degrees F

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